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A Bocce Ladder is a listing of the club's players in the order of bocce skills. Very seldom when forming a league do all the players play at the same skill level. The Bocce Ladder (similar to tennis ladders) is one way to establish relative skill levels.

The Bocce Ladder is a continuous one on one competition (basically teams consisting of 1 person).  This competition is critical to forming teams of equivalent strength for intra organization teams and to form the most competitive teams for external play and tournaments. The Bocce Ladder can be one of the club's regular season competitions with awards to the top players.



The Initial Bocce Ladder is formed as follows:

1.      All club members will be listed in alphabetical order.

2.      Each club member will roll 8 Bocce balls from behind the pointing foul line to a target pallino located in the center of the hitting foul line at the opposite end. If the pallino is moved, it is replaced to the target location. The first ball can be rolled up to 3 times to establish the initial position of the first ball. Each ball is measured from the center of the target pallino to the leading edge of the Bocce ball and recorded. The 8 measurements are then totaled.

3.      The initial Bocce Ladder is formed with the member with the lowest total at the top to the member with the highest total at the bottom.

4.      Members who join after the initial Ladder is formed perform the 8 ball qualifying test and are inserted into the Ladder in a position relative to others with the same results.

5.      This method is for establishing a starting point only. Once placed in the Ladder, movement up and refinement of the Ladder is accomplished by challenges.


The ongoing Bocce Ladder is maintained through individual challenge games as follows:

1.      A member on the Ladder may challenge and arrange an agreeable game time with a member up to 4 places above the member. (The Club Bocce Committee has the option to institute challenges to better define portions of the Ladder.)

2.      If the challenger wins 2 out of 3 games, they advance to a Ladder slot above the person challenged. If they lose, they remain in the slot they were in.

3.      A member may not challenge the same person more than once in a calendar month.

4.      A member may accept any number of challenges but is not required to accept more than 4 challenges in any calendar month.

5.      If a member concedes a challenge, they exchange positions with the challenger.

6.      A score sheet, signed by both members and presented to the Club Secretary, is required to update the Ladder. (Any disputes will be settled by the Club Bocce Committee.)

7.      The Ladder used to form teams is the current Ladder at the time the team is formed.


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