Non Standard Glossary

Bocce Colorful, Local Terms and Definitions

There are many colorful terms used while playing bocce. For your enjoyment, we have listed some we have read or heard. If you have others, please email them to us.


Ball Buster - A hard hitting shot that scatters all the balls. (Actually balls are sometimes cracked and broken.)

Casino - The scoring of all 4 points over an opponent in one frame.

Cement Job - When the first ball played ends up touching the pallino.

Codling In - Easing in another ball close to the pallino for a point.

4 on the Floor & 4 Banger- Four balls of the same color, all closer than any opponent's ball.

Get Legs - Saying for balls that appear to be rolled short.

Horizontal Mambo - A ball rolled to either side of the pallino to take the point away from a ball directly in front of the pallino.

Hot and Heavy - Balls that are thrown that appear to be too fast for points.

Money Player - A person who consistently makes the point.

Pac Man Shot - Shot rolls in front of and next to the pallino making the pallino disappear from the view of the players.

Pallino Power - Having control of where the pallino gets initially placed on the court.

Riding the Rails - A term used for a shot played to stick to one of the sideboards.

Skunked - The opponents score NO points in a game.

Kill the Skunk - Battle cry of the team about to be skunked.

Take a Picture of That Point, It Will Last Longer - Saying used for an opponent's ball close to the pallino that requires spocking.

Toots It Up - Nudging one of your previously played balls closer to the pallino.

Visine Shot - "get the red out" A term usually used by the Green team for a shot to knock out the red ball that is keeping them from scoring. 

Wall Ball - Playing the pallino close to the side boards.

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