Adopt our standards to raise BOCCE to the level of other major sports.

The standards and rules on this website were researched, published, and circulated for comment in 2002. Comments were received for one year before finalizing. Our thanks to all those who sent comments, most of which were included.  Comments are still welcome, however, future changes will now be limited only to correcting typos, minor word clarifications, or providing additional standards as needed.

Sections other than the 3 standards sections are provided as possible useful information relative to bocce.

Much more explanatory and descriptive information can be found in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.

 The Bocce Standards Association (BSA) is an organization dedicated to advancing the sport of bocce to the level of the major sports played in the United States or the world. Bocce is played in many different forms, such as, volo, on grass, on the beach, indoors, out of doors, and on defined courts usually of grass, carpet, clay, and various other materials. Court Bocce, a specific form of "open" bocce, is the most popular form played in the United States. The goal of the Bocce Standards Association is to define Court Bocce standards for the court, the equipment used, and the rules of play and make these readily available to everyone via the Internet. Overtime, the use of these standards for current, new, or refurbishing courts and for rules of play will certainly advance the sport of bocce. Work of the Bocce Standards Association is limited to Court Bocce, however, most of the standards can be easily adapted to the other forms of open bocce.

Major sports (such as, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, and even horseshoes & shuffleboard) have well known standards for the sport such that you can go anywhere in the United States and compete identically as you played at home.

Court Bocce is a great game of skill and strategy for anyone (male or female) to play regardless of age. The sport can be played socially with friends, groups, and organizations. The sport can be played with a high level of skill and strategy in team competition in leagues or tournaments. However, the sport of bocce as played in the United States today has a variety of court sizes & surfaces; ball sizes, weights,& materials; rules of play; scoreboards and other equipment. A person playing excellent at their bocce club can play a neighboring club or in an area tournament and not be able to compete effectively because of these differences.

Our association can develop and publish standards for the sport of bocce, but it is up to the players, clubs, and associations to implement the standards across the United States. 

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